mercredi 19 août 2009

Step 2

Je comprends tout ce que tu dis, je le ressens aussi.
Do you think I became a superficial bitch? Not at all, and I will never be.
Cause there was a time I was crying watching the news, there was a time I had a homeless friend, there was a time I was doing charity.. But then what? Either you kill yourself out of it or you understand that you are all alone and that humanity is not helping itself so how can you save it?
The world is gonna die soon so the least you can do to balance the world's sadness is to be happy.
Je vais faire toutes ces choses qui me rendent heureuse mais je ne vais pas les faire pour dire que je les ai faite, sinon je les auraient faite bien avant, et c'est meme pour ca que je ne les avais pas faite, je ne voulais pas les faire devant les yeux de 'temoins'. Tous mes tickets d'avion je les ai pris pour moi-seule. To see the world before it dies. 
Tu as toujours voulu que les gens te regardent, ton cote show off, je ne l'ai jamais aime tant que ca,  mais je sais qu'une partie de toi a toujours voulu ressembler a ces petits jeunes friques de Saigon, mais ca n'est pas toi. Qu'est-ce qui est toi d'ailleurs?
Je susi heureuse que tu deviennes plus deep mais why so dark?
Accompagner des afgans dans un bus et pleurer pour eux, nice guy, but then what? Is that gonna change anything? I was killing myself out of those things too.. And the saddest I was the less useful I could be to this world. It is not selfish to want to be happy. We have only one life, and all ONG, doctors travelling the worlds are helping few and they are not being shot cause what they are doing is so little.
Un jour j'ai lu les travaux d'un economiste qui disait qu'il etait possible de sauver l'Afrique de la famine mais que les politiques ne le feraient jamais, tout simplement.

Il n'y a rien d'egoiste a vouloir reussir sa vie en etant quelqu'un de bien, a ne pas la sacrifier pour un combat perdu d'avance, ce serait comme donner ma vie a ses connards qui gerent le monde. Ma vie est a moi and I am gonna take the best out of it and will try to make people happy around cause somehow if we were all doing that instead of crying, being useless witness, the world will be such a better place.

You are one of the most interesting and not selfish person I have ever met so stop hurting yourself just because you are too smart and you see how is the world. Just deal with it, help it by shinning, do art that will talk to the world, just don't kill yourself for something that is bigger than you, fais des choses a ton echelle, si tu regardes trop loin, tu resteras sur place.
Ce que je trouvais changer chez toi, c'etait ce cote superficiel, Paris-Coke, je n'ai jamais pense que tu avais change interieurement. Je sais qui tu es, je te connais, j'ai toujours lu en toi et j'ai toujours aime ce que j'ai vu, noir ou blanc.

Humanity sucks. What else is new? One thing is very new and is a huge challenge: Being happy in a sad world cause the humanity might be a disaster, the world is big and beautiful.
Everybody is sad, they are all breaking up cause nothing make them happy, that is what you want? Being miserable cause humanity is being bad, mean, selfish, stupid.. 
I decided to do the exact contrary, I will be the last happy person in the world then I have nothing in common with the rest of the ugly humanity. They won't get me.

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